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Live Media, Landscape, Live audio/visual, 2007

+AMOR is the projection of a passion for the arts audiovisual. The expression of a research and development staff in the knowledge of live video.

+AMOR feeds on the characteristics of electronics and computer programming, seeking to introduce the viewer into a new cinematographic concept that moves away from the typical viewing films in cinemas that is accustomed to.


Live manipulation from interface created with “isadora” software, according to stereo audio level sent from a sound mixer desk.
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otolab [dies_ orgone]
4 years ago
otolab [dies_ orgone] Artist group
thank you, nice misterious work about making cinema
javier milara
4 years ago
suerte!!! Yo te voté hace semanas ya ;)
Por cierto, es rarito el sistema este de puntuación, con la fórmula esa que usan...
4 years ago
A-li-ce Artist
great to meet u here :)
Things Happen
4 years ago
Things Happen Artist group
Un saludo por ahí!
Y suerte!! nos vemos
javier milara
4 years ago
tomaaaaErPiku!! :P
4 years ago
Dome Artist
muy bonito:) el principio me atrae mucho, buena geometría. salut!
4 years ago
welovecinema Artist
sansculotte vs electric kettle
4 years ago
hola companero ;-)
berlin is calling ...
xx+xy visuals
4 years ago
xx+xy visuals Artist group
Ola! nice meeting u again, cheers from roma ;)
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Sevilla, Spain - 1979
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