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Luminous Projections

Live Media, Symbol / Letter, Live audio/visual, 2009
In this work, narrative capacity and content are the driving force behind the entire piece and set the pattern for constructing the visual elements that we project, thereby generating a coherent visual discourse. Accordingly, we refer to a narrative capacity applied to live audiovisual performance and attempt to tell a story using the intrinsic conditions of this medium, while searching for the foundations of its language.
We develop the piece combining the real time performance of graphics and visuals with the sound, composed by Serch as original soundtrack for this project.

Luminous projections takes its name from the early films advertised through posters. Its story refers to the birth and continuous evolution of entertainment and ways to tell stories and it narrates a journey across the more traditional forms of performing arts to live cinema.
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Comments (7)

Things Happen
4 years ago
Things Happen Artist group
Molte grazie Angela
4 years ago
Valange Artist
Things Happen
4 years ago
Things Happen Artist group
Thank you very much Don!
Corpus Gallery
4 years ago
Really enjoyed your piece, Don
Things Happen
4 years ago
Things Happen Artist group
muchas gracias y mucha suerte a vosotros también!
javier milara
4 years ago
Me gusta mucho vuestro lenguaje visual y conceptual. Suerte!
4 years ago
welovecinema Artist
pues si q es live cinema,,...

y currais con el isadora tambien!!!

que bueno!

1saludo paisanos
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Things Happen
Artist group
Madrid, Spain - 1976
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