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The Jar - Kaliya Kalacheva

The Jar (Kaliya Kalacheva) - Painting Celeste Prize 2009
Painting Still life / Object Oil (Kaliya Kalacheva - Sofia Bulgaria)

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Added: 4 years ago

The Jar

Painting, Still life / Object, Oil, Canvas, 173x130x4cm, 2009
In the strange reflection of outlandish form, you can find a world that is not the same as you know. There lives other people and events, there the time and space flows on other lines.
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Comments (10)

kentcho welicow
4 years ago
Kazuyo Y
4 years ago
Kazuyo Y Artist
Wonderful work!
Valentin Radev
4 years ago
Well done!
Cecka Dimitrova
4 years ago
Este quadro e maravilhoso!
Elena Nitova
4 years ago
Elena Nitova Visitor
Great picture. Congratulations!
Tania Dimitrova
4 years ago
good for you!
Velislava Gecheva
4 years ago
Mi piace molto!Sei una brava artista
Lilly Dobreva
4 years ago
Lilly Dobreva Visitor
outstanding idea and technique!
Maria Aristova
4 years ago
I like!good idea!
Yavor Kaluchev
4 years ago
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Kaliya Kalacheva
Sofia, Bulgaria - 1986
Joined 4 years ago, visits 327
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