Ana Silvera at Elm Hill

Ana Silvera at Elm Hill

Painting, Portrait, Acrylic, Wood, 174x144x1cm, 2009
This is a portrait of the singer/songwriter Ana Silvera, to be used on her forthcoming album.
Ana’s music immediately appealed to my interest in grandiose story telling. Described by London Time Out as “pure poetry,” her songs are inspired by everything from a starlet in war-torn Paris to a biblical and murderous Salome, an Irish choirboy and a dead poet's wife.

I tried to create a composition that conveys a sense of otherworldliness through the subtle distortion of perspective, yet also evokes a sense of nostaglia for European history and the English appetite for both the ironic and macabre.
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cristina carcavecchia
5 months ago
...dire che è meravigliosa è sminuire la bellezza di questo lavoro. complimenti...
Maristella  Angeli
2 years ago
Molto bravo!
Carmen Sorrenti
2 years ago
what a great character!
Alireza Ghaderi
2 years ago
very Good.
Nothing is forgot. all together and so nice.
Aureliano Lanzoni
2 years ago
3 years ago
Bravissimo! Molto realistici i quadri
Gabi Domenig
3 years ago
Hi Will!
A dreamwork with very much carisma!
Cristina Bazolli
4 years ago
Gianfranco Castelli
4 years ago
Very good artwork!!!
Val Ange
5 years ago
Val Ange Artist
Very very gooud!

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