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The crazy woman of the cats - Carla Hoet

The crazy woman of the cats (Carla Hoet) - Painting Celeste Prize 2009
Painting Human figure Oil (Carla Hoet - Madrid Spain)

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The crazy woman of the cats

Painting, Human figure, Oil, MDF, 134x84x3cm, 2009
This work this inspired by the search of the illumination through inner development. Speech on the thin line that appears like doubt or interogante to us between the genius and madness. The inner search. The sincerity before our escencia.
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Comments (17)

Claudio Raffo
1 year ago
i love it
jaya  suberg
3 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
specail and wonderful, love jaya
Gianfranco Castelli
3 years ago
Good work!
Viola Pantano
3 years ago
good work
Rezanova Olga
4 years ago
Welcome to Russian Competition www.ArtPreview.ru
It started only 10 days, and such great activity.
Alfonso Siracusa
4 years ago
Buona! Se vuoi, puoi visionare, votare o lasciare un commento, per la mia opera in concorso. A presto. In bocca al lupo.
Alfonso Siracusa
Alexis Poritlla
4 years ago
do you have that many hairless cats?
gian luca groppi
4 years ago
Brava!Bel lavoro
Davide Robert Ross
4 years ago
sì, ti voto, l'opera è molto bella e convincente...
Carlo Trevisan
4 years ago
queste sono opere che rimangono ferme nella mente come icone artistiche, perchè ben impostate e coordinate in un discorso pittorico ben calibrato. brava!!
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Carla Hoet
Madrid, Spain - 1981
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