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Animation, Abstract informal, Motion graphics, 0 Minutes 0 Seconds, 2009
LUNATIK is an experimental animation that explores the human mind - how we can subconsciously drift from one stream of thought to another.
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Lapo Simeoni
3 years ago
Lapo Simeoni Artist
mi piace
Maria Aristova
4 years ago
Great!!!like it))
Slava Zhdanov
4 years ago
realy great.
Corpus Gallery
4 years ago
Nice one !
4 years ago
welovecinema Artist
Tarassow Oleg Nicolaevich
4 years ago
4 years ago
Contemplative & Profound!
Voted - even i am in the same category at the contest! Ciao
anita  saraf
4 years ago
anita saraf Visitor
Good Job!
Dane Middleton
4 years ago
Awesome, the 3D modelings mad. Also macro shots of the bugs with description tags is a nice touch.
Doug Burton
4 years ago
Doug Burton Artist
Like the metamorphosis between the elements - good stuff!
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