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Is You

Live Media, Human figure, Live audio/visual, 2008
IS YOU is a performance AV (audio-video), which peculiarity lies in live editing a short film.
The project is a personal interpretation of the french artist Sophie Calle work "Prenez soin de vous."
This becomes explicit in the final part, where part of the letter received by the artist, the subject of her work, has been partially included.
Is You tells the end of a love relationship. It is the story of a tension towards desire and a disenchantment; a separation that shows a break from someone else, metonymy of the consequential separation from itself.
And finally, IS YOU is the story of transposition of one's suffering in the representation of others.
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4 years ago
Carlo Artist
Chiara Friselli
4 years ago
Cara Carlotta, c'ho messo tre ore per registrarmi su 'sto coso..e non mi conteggia il voto! Comunque è molto bello il tuo lavoro..il finale e davvero emozionante, e si sà che è quello che poi resta nella memoria del gusto di chi lo guarda..Brava! Chiara
Fabio Costantini
4 years ago
Bellissimo lavoro!
Ottima soundtrack.
jan maio
4 years ago
jan maio Artist
dear Filippo ...i made the music of this work...i just wanted to tell u that i'm not so young..i'm 37 ...thanks for watching the video anyway!
lorna christie
4 years ago
...it surely is some
newbie's work and sure this isn't a gallery, I hope my opinion can be useful to some young artist in search of his
"shape". This is how the net works my dear friend Filippo!
filippo centenari
4 years ago
I think you two are making a bit too much noise for some first work done probably by some very young people with not much experience but a lot of good intentions!
I don't think we are in gallery and you can critic so much a job. You can find any kind and level of visual art in this prize. Keep your critics for the papers Lorna pliz!
aristide renzi
4 years ago
overload of technology doesn't mean overload of ideas... I'm afraid Lorna
lorna christie
4 years ago
I quite agree Aristide. The point is when you use an abstract and visionary syntax to build visual story, your meaning must be very clear, and still it's not enough your meaning must be allso very strong using abstract colors. Otherwise everything turns in fake and cheap. Same thing for the editing the intensions appear to be at least 2 steps above the post-prod capabilities. It's the third video I watch like with this... anyone can give me a clue?
aristide renzi
4 years ago
didn't quite understand it .-(
anastasia cipolla
4 years ago
very cool!
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