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l'urlo della donna zebra - rita pierangelo

l'urlo della donna zebra (rita pierangelo) - Painting Premio Celeste 2009
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Oil (rita pierangelo - Vicenza Italy)

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Added: 4 years ago

l'urlo della donna zebra

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Oil, Canvas, 150x90x3cm, 2009
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Comments (29)

Anna Blom
3 years ago
Anna Blom Artist
Beautiful emotional work, my compliments!
Annabel Ward
3 years ago
Annabel Ward Artist
What a great picture!
Pietro Puccio
3 years ago
Ci piace!
Carlo D'Orta
3 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Bellissimo anche questo
Javier Medina Lopez
3 years ago

Francisco Javier
Gaudys  Laxury
3 years ago
Amazing work!! My compliments!!
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
3 years ago
The scream of woman Zebra!

What is difference between human and nature?
I don't see no differences between human and animal much. What is the difference? When especially, they both can feel the pain to scream out when we are lost in direction when there are lack of love? Love matters.When love is not balance in life,we will scream out for help. We react to share the feelings as the moment rise. Art is Communication from our heart. Heart to share common understanding. Wonderful!
Gianfranco Castelli
4 years ago
Alik Vetrof
4 years ago
vital and beautiful
marina lodi
4 years ago
marina lodi Artist
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rita pierangelo
Vicenza, Italy - 1966
Joined 4 years ago, visits 2548
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