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Quantum jumping Ungheria/Marocco - Maria Martinelli

Quantum jumping Ungheria/Marocco (Maria Martinelli) - Photo & Digital Graphics Premio Celeste 2009
Photography Fantasy / Visionary Digital (Maria Martinelli - Bari Italy)

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Added: 4 years ago

Quantum jumping Ungheria/Marocco

Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Digital, Photographic paper, 142x107cm, 2009
All places in my Travel Book are the starting point for the creation of possible worlds, where everything comes and goes, appears and disappears, reveals and disguises itself. It's the game of life, of death and and rebirth. It's the game of art. People and things multiply, leave trace of their passage, appear and let us know that they will soon disappear and appear again somewhere else. People and places are tangled together, they are often unrecognizable but for little hints, if there are any. Above all, it's not always easy to understand who belongs to where and viceversa.
So, I transform reality into hyper-reality... I always start from a "real" situation, then I play with things and characters, I make them walk-on actors on a virtual stage, I give them independence and autonomy, eventually I suggest other ways, other aspects of their being, other dimensions and possibility of life.
The digital technique is a magic tool, it follows your brain and its images almost at once... it's really as if you can create a thousand worlds in the time and space of one thought...
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Comments (74)

Carmen Sorrenti
1 year ago
proprio eccitante, bellissimo
Paul De Haan
3 years ago
Paul De Haan Artist
arron liu
3 years ago
arron liu Artist
this is wonderful, I really love your works!
Associazione Roberta Smedili
3 years ago
graditissimo gioco di luci ed ombre. Molto bella.
giuseppe cannistraro
3 years ago
nicoletta acerbi
3 years ago
Bella bella! Bravissima!!
Luminita D
4 years ago
Luminita D Artist
wow!!! bellissimo!!! questo SI !! un lavoro meraviglioso, si alza a un livello molto alto dove pocchi artisti possono arrivare! i miei sinceri sinceri complimenti! sei molto brava e chiaramente molto spirituale, ti auguro tanto succeso nella tua cariera !
Stefano Nuanda Luca Noa Noa
4 years ago
molto bello!
Barbara Karwowska
4 years ago
...e come poesia,...che meraviglia e che sensibilità estrema!
Connie Chappel
4 years ago
Hi Maria, Thank you for your friendship. I love your images and the statement about your work!
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Maria Martinelli
Bari, Italy - 2000
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