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Human Mistake

Live Media, Abstract geometrical, Real time generative graphics, 2009
Human Mistake is a soundcreative audiovisual installation, which was realized by mapping 5 panels of white wood leaned against a wall. The mapping was possible through the use of 3 video projectors.
The projectors are disposed in a way which allows to project not only on the walls but also on the floor, in order to increase the perspective effect and to deceive space perception by projecting lights and virtual shadows on the panels. The direct interaction of video and sound amplifies the message and makes more moving the sensorial experience.

The installation can be adapted to every sound source, since the softwares used to control the contents are generative, and they analyze the sounds received directly modifying the projections.

Live Soundtrack:
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Comments (3)

Daniela Pirro
4 years ago
Daniela Pirro Critic / Curator
ipnotico....magnete di pulsioni, emozioni, sinfonia per la vista e per la mente.
Carolina Ferrara
4 years ago
molto intesessante e coinvolgente!
4 years ago
nadzan Artist
...lavoro sensazionale! Siete Grandi!!!
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