MoltepliciUnici - Yuko Yamamoto

MoltepliciUnici - Yuko Yamamoto

Photography, Portrait, Mixed technique, Photographic paper, 110x150cm, 2009
Our name and surname are unprecise identity allocation: other people may correspond to the desc<x>ription the mass-language offers of us in the society.
But our image is unique, unrepeatable, through and through correspondent to our metaphysical presence.
Hereof the title: “MoltepliciUnici - ManifoldUnique”.
The artists portraits are all printed on the page of the white pages, where they’re are supposed to be found.
Every person may have a real or accidental correspondance with the printed language, leaving the search open.
In the close-ups even the image loses her own reference to the reality, by being imprecise as the language is.

“…how hardly we understand eachother, how we can be badly interpreted as well as how we can know what the correct interpretation is due to the bad management and construction of our language,
how does one appear in the presence of someone, who does have preconceived ideas of us…”
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valentina di stefano
4 years ago
Complimenti!!! Le tue opere mi piacciono molto! Grazie per la tua amicizia. Se vuoi puoi votare la mia opera LESTRADEROSSE, fino al 20 ottobre, al sito, il codice dell'opera è 4259. Ti ringrazio comunque e ci sentiamo presto. Ciao Valentina
5 years ago
Hi Max,
Have you got this message?
Are you interested in participating in an International Group Exhibition late next year (2010) in Athens???
If yes, then have a look on my C Studio Events(1)...
Keep in touch and take care, yours Takis
Carmelina Greco
5 years ago
Carmelina Greco Education
Caterina Bonito
5 years ago
Caterina Bonito Art lover
Ottimo lavoro!! Complimentissimi!
5 years ago
Valange Artist
un buon lavoro, votato.
5 years ago
Almadressa Artist
molto bella: complimenti! bea
Giovanni Oscar Urso
5 years ago
Mi piace tantissimo. Eccellente!
jet-set art
5 years ago
jet-set art Journalist
bel lavoro
Luigia Polvanesi
5 years ago
Very very good
biagio castilletti
5 years ago
very interesting. Bravo

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