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5 tunnels, 3 tunnels (Ostrale 09) - Jens Reinert

5 tunnels, 3 tunnels (Ostrale 09) (Jens Reinert)
Sculpture Urban landscape / Architecture Other (Jens Reinert - Berlin Germany)

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5 tunnels, 3 tunnels (Ostrale 09)

Sculpture, Urban landscape / Architecture, Other, Other, 700x23x500cm, 2008
Many of my models are very detailed, coloured and, in some cases, illuminated. In contrast the exteriors are constructed from raw wood, which gives an impression of the space which is usually obscured by earth or other parts of buildings. For the works “5 Tunnels” and “3 Tunnels” I have avoided using typical model miniature details, instead opting to use concrete. The end result is a series of subways and stairways, entrances and exits, which have been plucked from their usual surroundings. The areas which are accessible to people are obvious through extensive graffiti, which I have first documented, then drawn onto the models. In addition to aesthetic considerations, the tunnels reflect people’s participation in their environment and the intermingled lives underway in any city context.
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Jens Reinert
Berlin, Germany - 1968
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