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Rack - serena stevens

Rack (serena stevens)
Painting Abstract informal Other (serena stevens - Poole United Kingdom)

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Painting, Abstract informal, Other, Other, 121 x81cm, 2008
Rack, like Equilibrium in blue, is nothing more than a series of vertical strokes scratched on a smudgy inflamed, background. It is not representational of anything in terms of a landscape or other but its essence is no doubt inspired by the striking lines of the fish traps that line the shallow coastal waters around the shores of Bahrain where I live. A particular set in an area between the end of the airport runway, a power station and rampant reclamation for new residential developments speak of more sustainable times and of a purer environment, one that's now completely lost to progress.
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serena stevens
Poole, United Kingdom - 1964
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