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Angels rebellion - Serge Fabrega

Angels rebellion (Serge Fabrega) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Mixed technique (Serge Fabrega - Albi France)

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Added: 4 years ago

Angels rebellion

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Mixed technique, Canvas, 160x80x3cm, 2009
God is love, and god loves men. In this world, the angels are working for god, but they are just messengers of him.
Most of them have lose their hopes of love. They are now jealous of men, and want to be loved to. To achieve their goal, they will try to have the same defects as men. But things are never simple, this rebellion divides all angels.
They have forgotten what happened to the first angel that had taken his freewill.
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Comments (7)

3 years ago
Molto impresionante opera! Angelo ROSSO con pistola da sensazione che di rabia sta trasformando in diavolo. Complimenti per adea e migliori aguri!
J. Isabelle Cornière
3 years ago
Merci, très original aussi tes travaux!
3 years ago
Fidia Artist
Mercie' mon amis! WE should be Angels rebeling! Its time to! cheers! Good luck! f
3 years ago
Fulvio Artist
Good work aggressive !
camilla franzoni
3 years ago
I love the power of the texture!
stefano de longhi
3 years ago
i like
cristina sanchez
4 years ago
I like the different way you use to treat this subject, and I like the energy from your canvas
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Serge Fabrega
Albi, France - 1974
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