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Cloud 2.0

Installation, Political / Social, Video installation, Other, 4x2x4cm, 2010
Cloud is a virtual tour inside wikipedia. It is a Trip through the informations that the community has made freely available on internet.
Cloud is like a brain were each neuron is a link and this links are the words that people select during their personal journey.
Users can select a word, read the definition and visualize the relative links.
The installation is internet connected and takes each definition and every links directly from wikipedia.org.
This installation expands itself continuously like a cloud. In every moment you can find different links because the community adds new informations that make Cloud bigger.
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Comments (4)

giancarlo marcali
3 years ago
bello bellisssimo
Helga Kalversberg
3 years ago
very good made !
simona barbagallo
3 years ago
Lazzaro Ciccolella
4 years ago
molto bello
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Modena, Italy - 1981
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