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Snow Fall

Installation, Minimal, Other, Light, 1000x250cm, 2008
Virtual snowflakes were projected on a wall of 10 metres: these flakes moved falling down like real snowflakes. When a person came between the wall and the projection, a shadow was created on which the virtual snowflakes slowly settled.
Flake after flake, the snow also fell on the floor creating a white carpet with a distribution very similar to the natural one.

The installation is composed of a computer linked to 3 modules, made up of a video projector and of a videocamera sensitive to infra-red rays. The software created for this installation uses a generative code to draw and move the snowflakes in a realistic way. It was also developed to create interactivity between projections and shadows.
In order to have a correspondence between real shadow and silhouette, on which snowflakes stop, the software is comprehensive of a module for the mapping of the projection surface, and of a module for the mapping of the videocameras.
The system was entirely planned and realized by fuse* creative_lab.

Selection 2010


Gabi Scardi


Claudia Loeffelholz Francesca Baboni Marinella Paderni Martina Cavallarin Micol Di veroli
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Comments (10)

2 years ago
bravissimmi , geniale )
Daniele Gori
3 years ago
Daniele Gori Artist
Lea Gramsdorff
3 years ago
che sogno!
Stefano Merola
3 years ago
Un'installazione coinvolgente e molto bella! Geniale.
Giovanni Longo
3 years ago
I lavori che fate sono troppo belli per non votarli... :)
simona barbagallo
3 years ago
Serge Fabrega
3 years ago
Francesco Gallo
3 years ago
Geniale davvero quest'installazione... Credo che a mio parere l'interazione con il pubblico sia fondamentale nel vostro campo. Spero di riuscire a vedere dal vivo qualcuna delle vostre meraviglie tecnologiche.
rafael vindigni
4 years ago
Davvero bravi.
4 years ago
Chib Artist
:) bello
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