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The Perpetual Race To The End Of Linear Time - serena stevens

The Perpetual Race To The End Of Linear Time (serena stevens) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Abstract informal Mixed technique (serena stevens - Poole United Kingdom)

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Added: 4 years ago

The Perpetual Race To The End Of Linear Time

Painting, Abstract informal, Mixed technique, Canvas, 200x200x5cm, 2008
The Perpetual Race To The End Of Linear Time was painted outdoors at an 'Live Art' event held by Elham Arts Group (www.elhambahrain.net) during Grand Prix week in Bahrain in 2008.

It was made using acrylics and fine sand collected from the side of the eternally long road that cuts through the desert on the way to a large area of reclaimed sea on the southern coast of the island. 24 hours a day trucks of Asian Laborers, lorries full of construction materials and equipment pound their way down to build the behind-schedule 'future'. All along the road remnants of shredded tires are discarded and some come to rest to create beautiful forms in the shape of raw-ended sculptural curves and curls. Using some of the smaller pieces I wove them into the span of the canvas with strands of rubberized, gold colored, steel wire pulled from the torn body of the tire. The painting has a light coating of clear varnish to seal the areas of paint and sand.

The sand is of the desert, the black acrylic represents oil, rubber, transportation, Uncontrollable progress, aggression speed. The gold strands represent the wealth gained through increasing oil revenues. The varnish, the superficial gloss of global materialism.
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Comments (16)

Paolo Bini
9 months ago
Paolo Bini Artist
master pieces!
Fernando Pietropoli
1 year ago
Compliments for this painting of yours. It reminds me Kiefer's style. Fernando from Verone(www.fernandopietropoli.it)
Rudolf Lichtenegger
1 year ago
Waldemar Dabrowski
2 years ago
Good work...!
Helga Kalversberg
3 years ago
Beautiful artwork, with vey well color
combination !
Best regards
Alfonso Siracusa
3 years ago
carlo colli
3 years ago
carlo colli Artist
bella! :-)
Maria Aristova
3 years ago
serena stevens
3 years ago
Thank you Pigi, this work was made in front of a very chilled-out audience and therefore a kind of collective performance. It was a most enjoyable feeling to share the 'making' process and was strangely not hard at all for someone who normally prefers solitude. Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Carlo D'Orta
3 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Interesting, good work, compliments
3 years ago
Valange Artist
thank you for the compliments,your works are very interesting!
3 years ago
Pigi Artist
It seems to me a "landscape", very hard work!!
serena stevens
3 years ago
Shukhran jazeelah, grazie mille, and thanks very much Masri, Ronnie and Paul, happy to be with you in this comptetition. Good luck and best wishes to all!
3 years ago
bello espressivo
Ahlan wa sahlan! meriti il voto.
Ronnie Tres Reyes
4 years ago
nicely done! the use of acryic and sand completes the concept! :)
Paul Sucksmith
4 years ago
I think this work is very powerfull and thought provoking, well done and good luck.
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serena stevens
Poole, United Kingdom - 1964
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