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La porta - Marco Scapin

La porta (Marco Scapin)
Photography Urban landscape / Architecture Analogue / Traditional (Marco Scapin - Feltre Italy)

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Added: 4 years ago

La porta

Photography, Urban landscape / Architecture, Analogue / Traditional, Photographic paper, 20x30cm, 1995
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Comments (5)

cara polvere
1 month ago
cara polvere Photographer
e anche la riflessione.
cara polvere
1 month ago
cara polvere Photographer
2 years ago
france Artist
la trovo fantastica!!
Marco Scapin
3 years ago
Marco Scapin Artist
It is!
Olga Barmazi
3 years ago
Olga Barmazi Artist
A great memory from Santorini, isn't it? Compliments.
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Marco Scapin
Feltre, Italy - 1963
Joined 4 years ago, visits 3453

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