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The end of the world - Paul Sucksmith

The end of the world (Paul Sucksmith) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2010
Photography Abstract informal Digital (Paul Sucksmith - Manchester United Kingdom)

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Added: 4 years ago

The end of the world

Photography, Abstract informal, Digital, Photographic paper, 60x60cm, 2010
The end of the world
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Comments (12)

Carlo D'Orta
3 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
You have courage to look for art in ugly! Beautiful, and it is not a paradox. compliments
giancarlo marcali
3 years ago
carlo colli
3 years ago
carlo colli Artist
ok, very goog :-)
Terry Smalls
3 years ago
Terry Smalls Artist
A very strong image, makes me feel as small as a insect.
teruhisa tahara
3 years ago
Your work [THE END OF THE WORLD]was very stimulated for me. Because probably this photography would had been derived from the fact that there is a in the ruins surroudings which was fulled with accessive informations in the worlds , probably , there is no possibility in order to hide everywhere by any kinds of the methods grobablly . Therefore this work will symbolize the future figures of the photography , besides it will present the new trends .
teruhisa tahara
3 years ago
Dear Sir. Your works symbolized the modern society , therefore it was very stimulated for me 。
isy hoepfner
3 years ago
isy hoepfner Artist
Paul,thanks for inviting!!! Very good,unsetting picture; real-life-facts!
nicoletta acerbi
3 years ago
Very good picture! and very good web!!!
Tanks for add!
4 years ago
Theo Artist
Sono sulla tua stessa lunghezza d'onda! Molto d'impatto! Spero che la vedano in tanti, per capire!
Brigitte Kempers
4 years ago
...touched a sore spot..! Very good!Kind regards - Brigitte
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Paul Sucksmith
Manchester, United Kingdom - 1964
Joined 5 years ago, visits 2350
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