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My Hometown - Ivana Lomová

My Hometown (Ivana Lomová) - Other Selected Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Urban landscape / Architecture Oil (Ivana Lomová - Praha Czech Republic)

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Added: 4 years ago

My Hometown

Painting, Urban landscape / Architecture, Oil, Canvas, 155x110x3cm, 2009
A wiew from the Café Slavia at Pragues Castle- Hradcany, with a woman-tourist.

Selection 2010


Paz Aburto Guevara
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Comments (11)

3 years ago
waiting and remember..incredible work!
Michael Luther
3 years ago
Oh it would be great if we would meet there, in New York ... By the way, do you remeber the great 70's hit of the sparks: "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us" ? ( - he,he! ) Michael
Michael Luther
3 years ago
melancholy and beautiful. best regards
Michael Pratt
3 years ago
Helga Kalversberg
3 years ago
I like this artwork very much! Best regards
cosimo leo
3 years ago
cosimo leo Artist
mi piace
gabriele vegna
3 years ago
hi ivana - great work - ciao gabriele
Giuseppe Castelli
3 years ago
brava Ivana...votata!!!
Slava Zhdanov
3 years ago
Good atmosphere shows an empty cafe and alienation of humanity in a streetcar
Ronnie Tres Reyes
4 years ago
lovely composition! :)
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Ivana Lomová
Praha, Czech Republic - 1959
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