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Shower of Wisdom - Ronnie Tres Reyes

Shower of Wisdom (Ronnie Tres Reyes) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Political / Social Acrylic (Ronnie Tres Reyes - Singapore Singapore)

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Added: 4 years ago

Shower of Wisdom

Painting, Political / Social, Acrylic, Canvas, 91.4x122x5.08cm, 2009
The economic development of a nation is a function of the quality of its education. The more and better educated people, the greater the chances of economic development.
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Comments (18)

Demian Wolfe
3 years ago
Demian Wolfe Artist
all your work is beautiful and creative,
Carla Bertoli
3 years ago
patrizia ricca
3 years ago
Marcela Navarrete
3 years ago
Hermoso tu trabajo!
Votado, buena suerte!!!
Roberto Fontana
3 years ago
Thank you Ronnie.... good luck!
gabriele vegna
3 years ago
bellissimo lavoro beautifull work - hi gabriele
Orodè Deoro
3 years ago
Orodè Deoro Artist
Helga Kalversberg
3 years ago
Very good !! I love it!!
3 years ago
Hackatao Artist
Great work!
Michela Ezekiela Riba
3 years ago
mi piace!!!
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Ronnie Tres Reyes
Singapore, Singapore - 1981
Joined 4 years ago, visits 1083
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