Superba è la notte

Superba è la notte

Photography, Abstract informal, Digital, Gatorfoam , 40x60cm, 2010
The superbest thing is the night
When the last fears fall
And the soul is thrust into adventure.
He is silent in your womb
As if reabsorbed into the blood
Which at last is hued of God
And you pray that he forever hushes
Not to hear his perpetual presence
Follow you within the walls.

(Alda Merini)

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jaya  suberg

jaya suberg

Artist - Berlin, Germany
Leo Zaff

Leo Zaff

Artist - Venezia, Italy

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jaya  suberg
4 years ago
this is vwéry interetsing, beautiful coloures...without the cigarette i would like it much, jaya

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