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Animation, Landscape, Stopmotion, 1 Minutes 58 Seconds, 2009
Snow is more than a white blanket that falls from the sky. It breathes, it grows, it moves. Using stop motion technique, this video presents fast-forward animation where only parts of snow have been removed, creating a unique feeling, the microcosmos in action. (Music by Cristal Castles)
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Comments (7)

3 years ago
Bellissimo!!! Saluti di Brasile!
Rose Canazzaro
massimo casalini
3 years ago
forte la parte in cui la neve sembra il mare
Gabriele Montagano
3 years ago
Helga Kalversberg
3 years ago
Hi, guillaume Blanchet, I like canada + your artwork, regards Helga
Serge Fabrega
3 years ago
good work
3 years ago
Very nice work! I was in Quebec last winter, it was awesome. Welcome to Quebec.
Paul Sucksmith
3 years ago
A very jolly and magical piece of work, well done and good luck.
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Guillaume Blanchet
Montreal, Canada - 1977
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