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Installation, Fantasy / Visionary, Other, Other, 60x220x30cm, 2010
If you try to speed the eye / lens parallel bordered with border creation of mankind are all closer to the truth about a new rehumanisation.
Frightened or compressed in the framework of previous knowledge is applied to the idea that material is still the closest to palpation of the unknown, creating ...

Playing with layers and individuality of the individual using the material that makes this installation suggest the relationship and inseparability of technology and human ..

Install "Creation" in a way represents parts of my personal and professional life.

Since I have been dealing optical craft, living parts are shown as the lens different glasses and display in which alternate frames recorded at the factory for the production of glass where high speed born glass elements (cans).

The sound is the third element that connects the aforementioned parts and makes the metaphorical version produced man interested in a possible life, if not different, at least in an attempt to understand the newly art intellectual elite.
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Comments (12)

Maria Gambacorta
3 years ago
3 years ago
EleB Artist
Great work!
Dejan Aksentijevic
3 years ago
HVALA,Thank you Melissa
Melissa  Roedan
3 years ago
dobro!nice work
Helga Kalversberg
3 years ago
I like your installation,creation !All best Dejan from germany.
Dejan Aksentijevic
3 years ago
Thanks a lot colleagues for comment and vote!
Serge Fabrega
3 years ago
yes it's very interesting
Dejan Aksentijevic
3 years ago
Thank you Masri.
3 years ago
Hello Dejan, my compliments for your creation .. Nice work.
 Alessandra Lampiasi
3 years ago
Very interesting, good luck!
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Dejan Aksentijevic
Krusevac, Serbia - 1963
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