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"RQ" (steven smith)
Painting Portrait Acrylic (steven smith - Saint John Canada)

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Painting, Portrait, Acrylic, Hardboard, 35.5x35.5cm, 2008
"RQ" is a dry brush acrylic on gessoed panel.
I first met RQ in the early 1970s when I worked for his grandfather. At that time I was building, painting and erecting roadside signs for the family business. I reacquainted with RQ in 1998 on one of his yearly visits to New Brunswick.
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Comments (7)

Roberta Franchi
1 year ago
1 year ago
Vivalarte Artist
Great !!!
Annabel Ward
3 years ago
Annabel Ward Artist
Amazing. Those eyes!
Stefano Canotti
3 years ago
Great image
Stefano Canotti
3 years ago
Great image
Mario Leonardi
3 years ago
Great! A deep real Image.
3 years ago
Beautifull portarit Steven !!fantastic..
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steven smith
Saint John, Canada - 1948
Joined 5 years ago, visits 7017

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