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Gail - steven smith

Gail (steven smith)
Painting Portrait Acrylic (steven smith - Saint John Canada)

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Added: 3 years ago


Painting, Portrait, Acrylic, Hardboard, 40.6x40.6cm, 2010
"Gail" is my latest portrait completed in May 2010.
It is a dry brush technique on a gessoed panel.
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Comments (25)

Loredana Sansavini
5 months ago
Potente e significativa!
Geoff Dunlop
1 year ago
Geoff Dunlop Artist
You paint lives as well as a liknesses
Paul De Haan
1 year ago
Paul De Haan Artist
Great work!
Elena  Boano
1 year ago
Elena Boano Artist
I've no words but it's simply magic...wow
CarloAlberto Vandelli
2 years ago
davvero paziente ed appassionato ad ogni singolo filo pennellato! iper reale
2 years ago
yoda58 Artist
Molto Bello! Complimenti!!
Luciana Venuto
2 years ago
Accidenti se sei bravo...complimenti davvero!
Benedetta Spagnuolo
3 years ago
che spettacolooo
Renata Lui Turanova
3 years ago
Hallo steven,

I find a great!
enrica merlo
3 years ago
enrica merlo Artist
Simply wonderful. Your art is perfection!!
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steven smith
Saint John, Canada - 1948
Joined 5 years ago, visits 7017

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