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NHD/NHT - Lucia Cannone

NHD/NHT (Lucia Cannone) - Other Selected Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2010
Sculpture Political / Social Other (Lucia Cannone - Torino Italy)

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Sculpture, Political / Social, Other, Other, 31x5x20cm, 2010
It looks like there is no more space for mediocrity and that everyone needs to be always motivated to survive.
Human being is selected and sifted to check that he has all the required features to cover roles and positions. These ones can than be real or fictitious but they will put him in the condition of communicating and interacting with neighbour.
It is just in this moment that come up the awareness that you lost hands for doing and head for thinking.
It could be that the selection of Human being is so restricted that it removed all waste that makes future more productive. May be the selection aims is to select a person who recognized as a supreme because of his actions and thoughts, he is in fact the mediocrity itself dressed of knowledge that became intuition.
Surviving in this condition is like living in captivity, inside cages and enclosures that are regulated by lows and input that man himself created.

Selection 2010


Paz Aburto Guevara
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Comments (4)

Waldemar Dabrowski
10 months ago
raimondo izzo
1 year ago
Bella davvero.
Giancarlo Caporali
3 years ago
Molto profondo!!
3 years ago
51l.it Artist
visto il contenuto non vorrei si trasformasse in un'offesa la mia totale condivisione del messaggio :-)
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Lucia Cannone
Torino, Italy - 2000
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