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thorns and roses - jaya  suberg

thorns and roses (jaya suberg) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2010
Photography Political / Social Computer graphics (jaya suberg - Berlin Germany)

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Added: 3 years ago

thorns and roses

Photography, Political / Social, Computer graphics, 70x43cm, 2010
there is not much to discribe:
lets smell the roses and be concous o the thorns...
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Comments (35)

Jacopo De Marco
3 years ago
good luck and thanx!
3 years ago
ghumbert Artist
Jaya,thanks,great work,it's a pleasure to vote for you,
Ghumbert di Cattolica
3 years ago
Fulvio Artist
una miscela di immagini allucinato...arriva. Good luck.
Demian Wolfe
3 years ago
Demian Wolfe Artist
Please play silly childish games on someones else page, please. Thank you.
Demian Wolfe
3 years ago
Demian Wolfe Artist
bourgois ordinairy! right back at ya!
3 years ago
Lora Artist
I voted
Thank you!
And Good luck!
Maria Gambacorta
3 years ago
Opera molto bella
Bettina Patermo
3 years ago
great! gefällt mir ausgezeichnet !
3 years ago
magistrale è ancora dir poco...complimenti
stefania sabatino
3 years ago
Molto interessante!
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jaya  suberg
Berlin, Germany - 1956
Joined 3 years ago, visits 4764

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