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linee,figure e gesti - paolo vozzella

linee,figure e gesti (paolo vozzella) - Painting Premio Celeste 2010
Painting Abstract geometrical Acrylic (paolo vozzella - Avellino Italy)

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linee,figure e gesti

Painting, Abstract geometrical, Acrylic, Canvas, 60x80x2cm, 2010
Opera: shapes, lines and gestures.

The composition of the work is carried out using primary and secondary colors in a free composition of geometric shapes, lines and free gestures. In fact the picture is completed by letting the gesture without my right, "Instinctive-rational."
The idea of the work is done by considering the spaces through which human beings continually in real life, full and empty, and dark colors, the journey between matter and time and everything it represented. My aim is to draw four-dimensional space on a two-dimensional canvas.
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Sandra D'Angelo
3 years ago
votatO! BRAVO!
biagio castilletti
3 years ago
lavoro, intrigante,bravo
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paolo vozzella
Avellino, Italy - 1973
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