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Rettangolo-quadrangolare - paolo vozzella

Rettangolo-quadrangolare (paolo vozzella) - Painting Premio Celeste 2010
Painting Abstract geometrical Acrylic (paolo vozzella - Avellino Italy)

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Painting, Abstract geometrical, Acrylic, 60x80x2cm, 2010
Opera: Rettangoloquadrangolare.

The composition of the work is carried out using primary colors, secondary and neutral in a free composition of geometric shapes, lines and completing the picture with free gestures. In fact the picture is completed by letting the gesture without my right, "Instinctive-rational."
The idea of the work is carried out considering the manipulation of a geometric figure as the Rectangle Square making it using colors to fool the observer, this principle can alter the perception of the human two-dimensional o Three-dimensional space. My aim is to draw properly using the colors on the field or two-dimensional surface.
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Comments (4)

Giovanna Moro
3 years ago
..c'è ritmo, sembra di percepire una musica!
pino spadavecchia
3 years ago
ottima composizione
Ole Scovill
3 years ago
Ole Scovill Artist
camilla franzoni
3 years ago
mi piace molto!è come se Mondrian e Pollock avessero fatto un quadro a 4 mani...ottimi modelli!
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paolo vozzella
Avellino, Italy - 1973
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