Sculpture, Abstract informal, Metal, Metal , 360x210x57cm, 2010

I dive
and into silence gather
strength and thoughts
without breath.

I accept
and I drag the bottom
where swimming happy
with no regrets.

light and pretty
when I sleep comfortable
in your white arms.

And like a dream
completely comfortable
lunge in the dark
your soft bed.

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Pierpaolo Moio
4 years ago
Complimenti !
pino spadavecchia
4 years ago
Dolce come l'acqua, sinuosa come la bellezza del tuo pensiero. Bravo davvero !!
Ulderico Tornincasa
4 years ago
werter dallaglio
4 years ago
bravo ugo.
linguaggio essenziale ed immediato.
 Alessandra Lampiasi
4 years ago
Compimenti anche per le altre opere...!

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