Digital Graphics, Portrait, 130x130x4cm, 2010
This work is a tribute to latin poet Orazio, who once appeared to me wrapped into a colorful kimono while I was napping and said:« Dum loquimur fugerit invida aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. »
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Anna Di Leo
1 year ago
Eleganza ed ironia, bellissimo design.
Alfonso Siracusa
3 years ago
molto ironico ed interessante!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
EleB Artist
Simpatica quest'opera: complimenti!
massimo casalini
4 years ago
Impazzisco per questo genere di graphic design...
4 years ago
Fidia Artist
Michael Pratt
4 years ago
beautifully done-
 Alessandra Lampiasi
4 years ago
Molto divertente!
Marcello Toma
4 years ago
ahahahaha! fantastica, in tutti i sensi... ;)

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