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ritratti della quotidianità 08 - angela barretta

ritratti della quotidianità 08 (angela barretta)
Photography Human figure Digital (angela barretta - Napoli Italy)

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ritratti della quotidianità 08

Photography, Human figure, Digital, Photographic paper, 35x50cm, 2007
In the Portraits of Everyday Life she collects, like in a photographic album, notes on clicheL9;s referring to woman. She is interested in the mundane rituals of feminine everyday life interpreting a series of them as typologies linked to the spheres of se- duction, food, work, personal care and self-presentation.
She operates a series of disguises referring to the clicheL9;s of a women’s magazines hyperfemininity linked to a vamp eroticism, a sadomasochistic fetishism... It is a kind of domestic pornography expressed in the kitchen and the toilet, where every sphere pervades the other in a game of hybridization that mixes sexual, cultural, culinary genres in order to highlight the possibility of a contaminated, impure iden- tity, and to denounce false morals and an easy rhetoric.
She has realized four portraits to which correspond four panels inspired by popular ex-votos. Fragments of bodies, objects of daily use, rubbish like used depilatory wax, soiled sanitary towels: testimonies of an everyday life, arranged in a random order.
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1 year ago
oh my god... abbaiamo avuto un'intuizione analoga :)
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angela barretta
Napoli, Italy - 1977
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