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We are all Jupiter's sons - Federica Landi

We are all Jupiter's sons (Federica Landi) - Finalist: Photo & Digital Graphics Premio Celeste 2010
Photography Fantasy / Visionary Digital (Federica Landi - London United Kingdom)

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Added: 3 years ago

We are all Jupiter's sons

Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Digital, Forex, 70x50x2 cm, 2010
The revolution is a contemporary shaman who talks about memories and visions that surface from ancient times.
We need to learn again how to read our future in our hands,on the walls, before all these precious traces desappear forever under the dust of the Western society

Selection 2010


Gabi Scardi


Viviana Checchia
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Comments (13)

Ben Singleton
3 years ago
Marco Scapin
3 years ago
Marco Scapin Artist
Possibilmente senza vittime sacrificali innocenti e inutili: tragico risultato della superstizione! E' preferibile che scompaiano i muri piuttosto che la Vita e la Natura che da essa deriva.
Masami Teraoka
3 years ago
We are all Jupiter's sons is provocative, evocative and beautiful! The contrast between the almost naked woman in the run down environment seems to bring out profound meaning. Congratulation! Aloha!
Benedetta Spagnuolo
3 years ago
Davvero incantevole..anche dal vivo l ho vista ..brava
Orodè Deoro
3 years ago
Orodè Deoro Artist
Ciao Federica, sono felice che abbiano scelto la tua opera, un abbraccio!!!
Demian Wolfe
3 years ago
Demian Wolfe Artist
I love your work, i aspire to the same range of telling a story with the model and the landscape, I love your deconstruction vision and work which touches deep inside my own work!!!! AWESOME WORK! Words cant express how awesome it is...
massimo casalini
3 years ago
tremate, tremate, le streghe son tornate!
Votate, votate, le streghe le ho votate!
nicoletta acerbi
3 years ago
Bravissima Federica! Complimenti , ti meriti il mio voto!
Mauro Gazzara
3 years ago
interessante ricerca bel lavoro complimenti, votata! mauro.
3 years ago
Marcheffe Artist
Mi allineo a Pratt, mi piace molto
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Federica Landi
London, United Kingdom - 1986
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