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destroy monolith

Installation, Fantasy / Visionary, Video installation, 300x250x1000cm, 2010
This work is Interactive Video Installation.
A ‘Monolith-Mirror (BackProjection Screen)' is standing in the dark narrow Room (like a passage).
Someone walks toward to ‘Monolith-Mirror’.
They can see own image like mirror.
The own image on the ‘Monolith-Mirror’ shatters a moment.
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Comments (8)

daniela rotondi
3 years ago
Ma che dire e' straordirario.
3 years ago
Marcheffe Artist
it's very interesting see how people interact with your installation! Great idea!
bartolo cuva
3 years ago
bartolo cuva Artist
3 years ago
beautiful and deep-- you leave me breathless.
Carla Bertoli
3 years ago
3 years ago
EleB Artist
Nice effect !
sara dotto
3 years ago
sara dotto Artist
Michela Baldi
3 years ago
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JeongHo Park
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