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ANGKOR - Amalia Gil-Merino

ANGKOR (Amalia Gil-Merino) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Political / Social Oil (Amalia Gil-Merino - Hannover Germany)

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Painting, Political / Social, Oil, Canvas, 160x200cm, 2010
The latest Cambodiaís war crimes tribunalís news and a travel to Angkor gave me an obsession about prosecutors and innocents. I had a vision of too young Khmer soldiers with Kalashnikovs between sculptures of the powerful god Ganesha and Apsara-dancer. A girl-soldier imitated her. No witnesses, only a serpent-like hand in typical dance pose, to stop the time and change the situation.
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Comments (6)

Teresa Palombini
3 years ago
Bel lavoro!
Michael Pratt
3 years ago
Hard subject- Brava for tackling it-
Emilio Lovisa
3 years ago
Beautiful work.
3 years ago
EleB Artist
Congratulations for this very original work!
Amalia Gil-Merino
3 years ago
Tks Gianfranco, I appreciate it!
Gianfranco ferlazzo
3 years ago
Great work!
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Amalia Gil-Merino
Hannover, Germany - 1974
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