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the courage to be themselves - F

the courage to be themselves (F) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Abstract informal Oil (F - Brescia Italy)

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the courage to be themselves

Painting, Abstract informal, Oil, Wood, 80x80x2cm, 2010
Then, last, I met White Rose:
"Hello, why are you sad?" I asked her
"Because I was born without color, look at me, I'm not a freak of nature?"
"Why do you say that? You have the color of the clouds and the wings of angels. You have no colo...r because you are all the colors, and yet no one, the rainbows are born from the drops of water dance with light, and even the water has no color "
amazed she said: "Really?"
"Sure, and I'll tell you more, you are all the colors you love can take, because…" I whispered "… you do not tell Red Rose, but love is not just red or just yellow, or pink, l 'Love has in all colors, and at the same time, it has no color, just like you. "
White Rose opened its petals a little, I interpreted it as a smile.
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Comments (4)

Jo Ravizzotti
3 years ago
Ciao. Felice di ritrovarti. Come sempre un tuo inconfondibile lavoro
camilla franzoni
3 years ago
bello, bello, bello!
Stefano Merola
3 years ago
Le tue opere mi piacciono sempre molto... e che splendida nota!
Brava F!
Michael Pratt
3 years ago
great abstract work.
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Brescia, Italy - 1977
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