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World Food Program - DAFU

World Food Program (DAFU) - New York Expectations 2010
Photography Political / Social Mixed technique (DAFU - Roma Italy)

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Added: 3 years ago

World Food Program

Photography, Political / Social, Mixed technique, Cotton paper, 50x60cm, 2007
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Comments (10)

Karen Colville
3 years ago
realistic portrayal and good to see the child is eating something.
catherine burg
3 years ago
Beau travail, photo touchante, expressive et parlante...
3 years ago
Yatii Artist
Wow fantastic !
Bella Goulart
3 years ago
Fascinating photo! Quite disturbing actually if one starts to wonder what the social ethos might impose on children so that they can get something to eat ... Best wishes, Bella.
Marcela Navarrete
3 years ago
Complimenti, il tuo lavoro e fortissimo e bellissimo!
Orodè Deoro
3 years ago
Orodè Deoro Artist
jaya  suberg
3 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
oh, its so beautiful and touching, love jaya
nicoletta acerbi
3 years ago
3 years ago
Pigi Artist
Notevole Davide, notevole.. prende il cuore!!
Annamaria Papalini
3 years ago
E' bellissima!
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Roma, Italy - 1976
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