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sulphurous - Natalie Silva

sulphurous (Natalie Silva) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Abstract informal Other (Natalie Silva - Los Angeles United States)

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Added: 3 years ago


Painting, Abstract informal, Other, Fabric, 170x160x4cm, 2010
subtrsction of color
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Comments (9)

3 years ago
Truly Astonishing...Congratulations !
Natalie Silva
3 years ago
thank you, thank you very much!!!!!
3 years ago
Lora Artist
Bravo! I voted. Iwish you good luck! and ivite you to see my work.
Good day
Anna Caruso
3 years ago
Anna Caruso Artist
Che tecnica hai utilizzato? è un bellissimo effetto di colore e materiale, complimenti, votato!
arron liu
3 years ago
arron liu Artist
raining to the heart of artist!
Michael Pratt
3 years ago
Really great- this is what non-representational painting should be- beautiful. suggestive, and dynamic....
massimo casalini
3 years ago
Acid rain, acid rain...
Only pain in my brain.
What I gain?
Lelya Borisenko
3 years ago
I like it
elena candoli
3 years ago
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Natalie Silva
Los Angeles, United States - 1967
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