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different ways to take a bath 1, fuerteventura - Bettina Patermo

different ways to take a bath 1, fuerteventura (Bettina Patermo) - Finalist: Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Seascape / Water Oil (Bettina Patermo - Wien Austria)

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different ways to take a bath 1, fuerteventura

Painting, Seascape / Water, Oil, Canvas, 197x197x4cm, 2009
my shown works are part of a big project titled with "ON THE BEACH", which pursues the wish for a multicultural society in Europe, in which we see diversity of thought and lifestyle as enriching and supportive. Usually, when we are confronted with a strange culture, we begin by measuring it against our own, almost always on the basis of moral values and views. Although Iím curious and open-minded about foreign cultures, I find that Iím constantly confronting my own ability for tolerance, and catch myself applying my own traditional and moral perceptions and values as a yardstick for judgment, am forced to question my own objectivity and my neutral, non-judgmental acceptance of the unknown. Inspired by my contribution I travelled to the Emirates, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India where again and again I observed how tolerantly and above all completely naturally people from different cultures and religions can live side by side. On the beaches, in particular, I experienced how everyone - fat and thin, young and old, with and without Burkas, in modest one-piece bathing suits or skimpy bikinis, spent their leisure time unprejudiced and respectful of each other.

Selection 2010


Mark Gisbourne


Paz Aburto Guevara Vardit  Gross Giuliana Altea
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Comments (29)

catherine burg
3 years ago
Toutes mes félicitations ! Bravo !
Teresa Palombini
3 years ago
Complimentissimi per il risultato raggiunto! BRAVA!!!
3 years ago
different ways to take a bath 1, fuerteventura BRAVO! BETTINA PATERMO!
marina lodi
3 years ago
marina lodi Artist
Complimenti sinceri per il tuo premio meritato.
ciao marina
3 years ago
Congratulations )))))
Simona  D'Auria
3 years ago
Great Bettina! So happy your artwork is among the finalists! Good luck girl... Simona
Loredana La Malfa
3 years ago
Mi ricorda tanto una tipica scena quotidiana dei bagnanti siciliani, mia terra...mi piace!
3 years ago
Interesting composition solution! complimenti!
3 years ago
I love Fuerteventura, but I love more your work dear. Well done!!! S.
3 years ago
anche i tuoi lavori sono interessanti grazie dei complimenti ciao e buon lavoro
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Bettina Patermo
Wien, Austria - 1967
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