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Types - Ric Carvalho

Types (Ric Carvalho) - Shortlisted: Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2010
Installation Urban landscape / Architecture Other (Ric Carvalho - London United Kingdom)

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Installation, Urban landscape / Architecture, Other, Other, 370x220cm, 2010
This piece belongs to a series entitled Types which consists of stenciling the name and type of some the most predominant fonts used. This intervention attempts to address the desire of stylization, individualization as well as the historical documentation of an art movement like graffiti.

Selection 2010


Giuliana Altea Patricia Pulles
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Comments (2)

Raymond St. Arnaud
3 years ago
good concept
Kim  Leutwyler
3 years ago
!!!!!!!!!!!! :) very clever
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Ric Carvalho
London, United Kingdom - 1984
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