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View All (Connie Chappel) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2010
Photography Political / Social Digital (Connie Chappel - Winnipeg Canada)

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Photography, Political / Social, Digital, Other, 237x133cm, 2010
55 mannequin images are displayed in a collage like cyber friends in a View All format. They 'communicate' through expression, costume and pose; and, obviously without feelings for the viewer yet the viewer feels a mild sensation for the mannequins. Some 'friends' on web-based cyber sites are "Anons" - disguised to preserve anonymity. If you would like a mannequin image from View All as your Anon, please visit my website...I will meet you 'out there' my friend!
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3 years ago
forte idea! complimenti!
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Connie Chappel
Winnipeg, Canada - 1955
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