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Couple in the dark - Inbal  Buzaglo - Yoresh

Couple in the dark (Inbal Buzaglo - Yoresh)
Painting Human figure Oil (Inbal Buzaglo - Yoresh - Herzliyya Israel)

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Added: 3 years ago

Couple in the dark

Painting, Human figure, Oil, Canvas, 100x130x7cm, 2009
I express my view of the primitive essence of the human body... as a universal creature... without the bounds of nationality, culture, associations of identity and status... the main issue is relationships and sexuality... all r completely freed from the protection of external covers... freed from inhibitions caused by society or even oneself.
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Comments (6)

Inbal  Buzaglo - Yoresh
3 years ago
Bettina... No words... Just lots & lots of thanks... (((;
Bettina Patermo
3 years ago
I just say it once more: I like your very unique and special art !!! bettina
Inbal  Buzaglo - Yoresh
3 years ago
Thank u so much, Flavio...!!! ((:
Flavio Bragaloni
3 years ago
very nice...
Inbal  Buzaglo - Yoresh
3 years ago
Thank u... Thank u... Thank u... Gianfranco... ((:
Gianfranco ferlazzo
3 years ago
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Inbal  Buzaglo - Yoresh
Herzliyya, Israel - 1963
Joined 3 years ago, visits 480
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