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...dove ha sede il tuo dolore. anima vibrante... - Gloria Di Modica

...dove ha sede il tuo dolore. anima vibrante... (Gloria Di Modica) - Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2010
Installation Human figure Other (Gloria Di Modica - Modica Italy)

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...dove ha sede il tuo dolore. anima vibrante...

Installation, Human figure, Other, 28x40x18cm, 2010
Majolica half bust is a symbol of stylized figure of a woman. It is a metamorphosis to achieve its end through the molding of clay, forged with water and fire, of spiritual and seductive colors. It tells of intimate things, describes the inner pain. the spasmodic search of the hope, the evolution in the search of the Light for excellence… A cut represented from a red line, describes the wound, and it cuts the figure in two parts.
The lower part of the sculpture is a rigid body, then it feels in agony, with a inner movements, slowly, but with strong intensity. A universal intense feeling, crosses it and it tears it, with an inexpressible pain.
The upper half of the sculpture represents the spirit, the feeling, the evolution towards the Light, the hope and the Love for excellence, it is the representation of a soul that is detached from the body, and it vibrates toward the Light.
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Comments (42)

Daniele Carnovale
3 years ago
intensa ed elegante!! molto bella! daniele.
Karen Colville
3 years ago
simple beauty elegance innocence with faith very good piece very nice
Bert  Monterona
3 years ago
Even if the works is created to
express throb of pain but
the whole installation gives
me a feeling of life and
hope...you made them
great and a powerful
work of art.
Teresa Kobayashi
3 years ago
Thopught provoking. Beautiful!
Davide  Puma
3 years ago
Davide Puma Artist
Gloria complimenti, ti faccio i migliori auguri!
3 years ago
Chib Artist
rinnovo i complimenti,
3 years ago
meravigliosa , brava gloria
Gloria Di Modica
3 years ago
IO HO GIA VINTO, toccando i vostri animi.. questo lavoro è per ogniuno di voi...grazie mille..
Lucia Cannone
3 years ago
Molto bella!in bocca al lupo
Federico Lelli
3 years ago
La tua scultura è molto bella ed evocativa, dalle foto si intuisce questo stato di estasi, sembra quasi un angelo con le ali ripiegate dietro la schiena.
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Gloria Di Modica
Modica, Italy - 1972
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