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Il mondo che non vedo 01 - Fabiano Parisi

Il mondo che non vedo 01 (Fabiano Parisi) - Winner: Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2010
Photography Urban landscape / Architecture Digital (Fabiano Parisi - Roma Italy)

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Il mondo che non vedo 01

Photography, Urban landscape / Architecture, Digital, Cotton paper, 105x70x5cm, 2010
Parisiís point of view is the one of a twentieth century nostalgic who wants to regain the identity of those anthropological places which are now empty, lost, deprived of the people who once lived them, whose lives are hidden in the heaps of neglected rubble, the piles of debris, the stratifications of mould and dust deposits.
In Parisiís photographic work, social and economical lives coexist, witnessing the decline of certain rituals,
habits, traditions of an era, that of the twentieth century. Family-run factories, noble villas, district cinemas,
provincial theaters, historic churches are slowly fading away, post-war Italy is inevitably changing and being replaced by the so called "no man land", as acclaimed by Marc Augè.

Selection 2010


Julia Draganovic


Tasja Langenbach Paz Aburto Guevara Lab-Yit
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Comments (9)

Carlo Strano
1 year ago
Carlo Strano Artist
molto bella. bravo!
3 years ago
3 years ago
microbonet Non-Profit
Lavoro interessante, complimenti!
. ana picasso .
3 years ago
cinema pa adiso..
3 years ago
i'd like to perform in this theatre.. i can't believe it.
Sandra D'Angelo
3 years ago
molto bella!
claudio de micheli
3 years ago
veramente bello!!
Jacopo De Marco
3 years ago
Kim  Leutwyler
3 years ago
insightful point of view and an AMAZING find. I would love to be standing in this theatre
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Fabiano Parisi
Roma, Italy - 1977
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