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Eternal Summer Storm

Live Media, Fantasy / Visionary, Live mixed media, 2010
Eternal Summer Storm speculates on a future digital library of body movements or dance techniques that can be experienced beyond the audio-visual conventions of historical documentation. The project translates acoustic muscle vibration as sonic waveform, and maps it onto a different body in real time. The piece attempts to recreate legendary Japanese dancer Tasumi Hijikata’s Butoh dance choreography and experience in A Summer Storm (1973) from the only archival footage shot in Kyoto.

The project will be presented as a live interactive demonstration performance.

Selection 2010


Alessandro Ludovico
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3 years ago
Andreco Artist
I love Butoh dence and Hijikata is one of my favorite dencer. Your work start from a very good research, and it's well done, I like it!
KaFai Choy
3 years ago
KaFai Choy Artist
Giovanni Longo
3 years ago
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KaFai Choy
London, United Kingdom - 1979
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