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Video, Portrait, Documentary, 16:9, 4 Minutes 11 Seconds, 2009
Barbie displays my usual devices: fixed camera and still frame, long shot and pictorial composition. Here the problematic lies in the relation between these elements, forcing the audience to question and rethink the boundaries of photography, video-art and cinema. Is this a documentary picture, an experimental video, a narrative short film? The objective is to introduce, within a documentary framework, a subtle, minimal but at the same time complete narrative.

Selection 2010


Tasja Langenbach
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3 years ago
Bettina Patermo
3 years ago
gianfranco, I like this video, although it is so unbelievable boring long...!!! and or but: it really made me rethink the boundaries of photography, video-art and cinema. and especially what you want to say with it.... greatings from vienna
jaya  suberg
3 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
very cool video!
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Gianfranco  Foschino
Santiago, Chile - 1983
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