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Exile (NIR MAZLIAH) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Human figure Mixed technique (NIR MAZLIAH - Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel)

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Painting, Human figure, Mixed technique, Paper, 160x110cm, 2010
There is no real dialogue between the character to the world that surrounds her.

Painting is an emotional, metaphysical, like a dream image, when the world outside represents the character's inner world.

Work deals with questions of return / deportation, identity, constant search for a home, the trauma has already occurred or is about to happen any minute.

Search the crucial scene, the decisive moment when everything changed forever.
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Comments (3)

Geoff Dunlop
1 year ago
Geoff Dunlop Artist
Intense and impressive
Bettina Patermo
3 years ago
heavy and at the same time very powerful !!! fantastic
jaya  suberg
3 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
very cool and beautiful...
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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel - 1976
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