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WIDE SHUT EYES - 2 (ARINA) - Painting Celeste Prize 2010
Painting Human figure Oil (ARINA - London United Kingdom)

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Painting, Human figure, Oil, Canvas, 190x165x4cm, 2009
This work is about overcoming something that is out of our control. There are many different things in the world which I do not want to see. There are many things in the world that I do not want to know about. There are many different things in the world that I see and know about, but cannot talk about it. When you do not want to see anything - you shut your eyes. When you cannot talk about anything – you shut your mouth. But even if your eyes and mouth are shut - all of the words are still spoken inside and all of the images are still seen inside of your mind and, are probably even more visible than in reality. Your eyes are shut, but the images are still wide open. Your mouth can be shut, but the words still sound inside.
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Comments (5)

Manola Aringhieri
1 year ago
Immagine di grande tensione emotiva,interessante la scelta cromatica,ottimo risultato estetico .complimenti sei bravissima ,ciao manola
3 years ago
microbonet Non-Profit
nice, very very nice work!!
Ilsa Brittain
3 years ago
I really love your work - well done!
3 years ago
equilibrio e sangue. Molto bello.
Giovanni Longo
3 years ago
mi piace.. :)
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