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Rectification - Julio Meiron

Rectification (Julio Meiron) - Shortlisted: Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2010
Sculpture Minimal Wood (Julio Meiron - Sao Paulo Brazil)

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Sculpture, Minimal, Wood, 70x110x50cm, 2008
As in a cycle, one of the feet of a wooden rough table is constituted by books in this sculpture.

Selection 2010


Mark Gisbourne


Asher  Remy-Toledo
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Comments (3)

Jesper Norda
3 years ago
Jesper Norda Artist
Great piece. I like this one a lot. Thanks.
Helga Kalversberg
3 years ago
Very well designd ART !
Ina Nikolic
3 years ago
Ina Nikolic Artist
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Julio Meiron
Sao Paulo, Brazil - 1982
Joined 3 years ago, visits 180

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